Update Pimero main program

All Pimero installations must always be updated for updates. If you are running a client / server installation, start the update process on the server PC.

To perform the update, please first download the latest demo version from here.

Important: Please do not uninstall Pimero on your server PC!

We recommend to install over your existing installation or in a separate directory.

Run the installation program. It will automatically take over the data from already installed versions.

Important: If you encounter problems during the update, you can simply return to the old version.

Please do not execute the configuration wizard under any circumstances. This will set up new databases. Your existing data will be deleted!

See here how to return to your old version.

After the installation you can start the new version of Pimero.

Remove old Pimero versions from server PC

If you have installed a newer version in parallel to an old one and the migration is complete across the entire network, the older version can be uninstalled. You will be asked if you want to delete the old version as well. In general, however, the old data should remain on the hard disk for a longer period of time as a backup.

After the old version has been uninstalled on the server PC, it can happen that the Windows service of the new version has also been removed. Please open the service administration of Windows and check if there is the entry “PimeroService”.

Tip: You can right-click the service and select “Properties”. In the properties window you can check if the path to the .EXE file corresponds to the path of the new version.

If there is no entry “PimeroService” or the existing entry belongs to a wrong, old version, you can install the correct service manually. To do this, please change to the installation directory of the new version in Windows Explorer and start the program “ServiceHelper.exe” from there. Then the Pimero service is installed. In order to check the result in the service administration, its view must be updated manually. There is a button in the bar above the list.


Update Pimero Mobile

If you are already using Pimero 2013 R1 or later as your client / server installation, you can update Pimero Mobile to the latest version without having to reinstall the entire Pimero package.

1. Starting the Server Admin

On the Pimero server please start the ServerAdmin (Start -> All Programs -> Server -> ServerAdmin). Please enter the admin password that you assigned during the installation of your server.

2. Open the Pimero Mobile tab

ServerAdmin PimeroMobile

Click “Check for updates”. A text box next to the button will show you the status of your installation. If a newer version is available on the server, the Install Now button will also appear.

Click “Install Now” to download the latest version from the server and install it directly.

Then click on “Open in Browser” to display the newly installed version in your web browser.

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