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Installed and running Pimero Server and Pimero Client with activated synchronization – see Installation with Synchronization.

If you have installed Pimero WITHOUT synchronization as a single user variant, you must first switch to multi-user mode.



google sync1 de

Start the ServerAdmin (Start -> All Programs -> Pimero -> Server -> Server -> ServerAdmin) and switch to the view shown on the left.

Switch on the synchronization service and select a free port. In most cases you can use the default port 8085.

If you have made changes, please confirm them with “Apply changes”.


google sync2 de

Click on the “Sync with mobile phone or Google account” button.

If this button doesn’t appear, it’s probably because you’ve already configured another type of phone. In this case, please open the options via Tools -> Options.


google sync3 de

Switch to the view shown on the left and enter your Google email address and password. Then click on “Connect”.

In the area below you can set which Pimero folders should be synchronized with which Google folders. Please do this for all calendar and contact folders.

For the appointments, you can also specify which time span is to be adjusted. Appointments that lie outside the specified time span are not taken into account during synchronization.

When all settings have been made, close the window by clicking the “Ok” button.


google sync4 de

After you have closed the options window, the new button “Sync with Google” will appear in the bottom left corner of the haptframe after a short time. Click on it to start the synchronization.

As soon as the process is finished, you can check the results in Pimero or Google or on your Android phone.

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