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Installed and running Pimero Server and Pimero Client with activated synchronization – see Installation with Synchronization.

If you have installed Pimero WITHOUT synchronization as a single user variant, you must first switch to multi-user mode.

Supported browsers (It’s always good to have the latest version :-))

chrome firefox opera safari ie-512




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Enter the URL of your Pimero server as follows: http://IHRE_PIMERO_SERVER_URL:8087

If you do not know the URL, click on Pimero Mobile at the bottom of the Pimero Client.



The information window shows you the URL that you must enter into the browser.



After entering the URL in your browser, you should see the Pimero Mobile home screen.

When you start Pimero Mobile for the first time, you will be guided through a short setup. Your data will then be available both online and offline in your browser.


Create a bookmark

Create a bookmark to quickly access Pimero Mobile 🙂

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