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Pimero 2019 R1

Minor Update dated 12.4.2019

New in this version

  • There were still problems with recurring appointments
  • New schema for internal version numbers. The internal version now consists of the last two digits of the release year, the number of the main release, the number of the minor release, and a build number. The format YY.M(ain).M(inor).B(uild)

Minor Update 19.1.7027.15269 dated 29.3.2019

Bug fixes

  • More problems related to recurring fixed

Major Update 19.1.7006.31326 dated 8.3.2015

New in this version

  • New Skin Office 2019 Colorful (Non Standard)
  • New Ribbon Icons
  • Design adjustments in the e-mail list view
  • Font size adjustable
  • For unknown TLS e-mail server certificates Pimero now asks the user
  • Faster loading for many new emails
  • Goals of links in HTML e-mails are displayed at the bottom
  • Conversion to .NET 4.5.2

Bug fixes

  • Standard RSS Feed for Germany (Süddeutsche) was no longer available
  • Problems with recurring appointments
  • Problems with special characters in Pimero password in connection with Google Sync fixed.
  • Partially a reminder was set although the checkmark in the dialog was not set

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