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Installation on one computer

With this type of installation, you can use Pimero on only one computer. Synchronization with mobile devices and Pimero is fully supported.  However, if possible, we strongly recommend that you install Pimero as a client and server.

If you installed Pimero for the first time, the configuration wizard will automatically start after the installation. The Configuration Wizard always starts automatically when you run Pimero and no configuration has been created yet.

Caution: Running the wizard deletes existing configurations. In the wizard you can choose between client or server configuration. Only the respective configuration will be overwritten, if it exists.

To start the wizard automatically, click on “Start” -> “All Programs” -> “Pimero” -> “Configuration Wizard”.

Skip the first (Welcome) page by clicking on “Next>”.


FirstScreenClick next.


CSSelect “One computer” and click “Next >”.


CreateUserEnter your user data and then click “Next >”.



The configuration wizard lists all upcoming tasks.

Click “Next >”.


SingleInstallAfter all tasks have been successfully completed, please click on “Next >”.
Then click on “Finish” to close the configuration wizard.

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