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Create folder

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1. To create a folder, right-click your username and click New Folder.


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2. Give the folder a name and a color

Edit folder

To edit a folder, right-click the folder name and click Properties.

Delete folder

To delete a folder, right-click the folder name and click Delete.

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Harry Rolnick answered 1 year ago

NOTHING AFTER OPENING SCREEN: After three days of usage, I opened Pimero, the opening screen boots up, but then  nothing. No calendar, no data. Since I would like to retrieve my appointment data, a) is there any way of getting the calendar screen after the opening screen? b) is my data contained in any other file on the computer? (I searched Pimero site, but nothing). I would like to re-install the program, but am afraid of accidentally deleting the information. 
Many thanks

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