Work together - Everywhere.

Your data is where you are.

Automatic synchronization for ultimate flexibility

Pimero syncs all information between all team members. Every user in the Pimero network has access to the shared data. All data are stored locally on every user's computer and can therefore be accessed even when you aren't connected to the network. You don't need to stop your work. Just continue and Pimero will sync the new or changed data with all the other clients when the network is available again.

Work scenarios for private and business use cases:

Most users use a laptop when traveling or on vacation and a desktop computer at home. Pimero syncs the data between both computers so that it's always available when you need it regardless of which machine you're working on. So feel free to bring your laptop on your business trip or vacation and work as usual. All your information will be synched automatically when you're back home.

Examples of private use:
  • Sync between desktop computer and laptop
  • Appointment organization for the whole family. When is little Jimmy's next football game? What is our doctor's number? Pimero knows the answer.

Teamwork - the easy way
Install Pimero in your company. All you need is a server PC with Microsoft Windows operating system and regular workstations with Windows. Every workstation syncs its data with the server. Every user within the Pimero network stays up-to-date.

Workers in the field
All of the Pimero data remain on every workstation. Workers in the field can therefore take the data with them and continue working. When they return to the office they simply reconnect to the Pimero network and all of their new or changed data will be synced to all the other team members.

Is your server accessible from the internet? If so, workers in the field can connect to the Pimero network from home or any other location and work together with all the other team members.

  • See at home what's going on at the company.
  • Stay up-to-date with the office during business trips.
  • Delegate tasks or chat with your employees - even when you're not sitting only one room away from them.

Access Pimero
on the go

You can access your Pimero data with the following devices/programs:

  • All latest browser versions (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • iPhones & iPods (>= version iOS7)
  • Android Smartphones (> version4.0)
  • BlackBerries (> version 10)
  • iPads (> version iOS7)
  • Android Tablets (> version 4.0)
  • WindowsPhone8 smartphones
  • Windows8 tablets
  • Amazon Kindle Fire